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Welcome to the au pair portal

How did the idea of this portal for au pair young ladies begin?

The priors of the Society of St. Pius X regularly receive requests from families looking for au pair young ladies. Queries arrive at the same time from young ladies looking for a family with an au pair position available, whether it be to learn a language, find a useful occupation or to experience family life. Up until now, these inquiries have been sent individually to the district superior who has forwarded them to the different priories. As this procedure wastes much time and energy, the idea of centralising these requests came to prevail, and thus this online portal was developed. The KJB (Katholische JugendBewegung – the Germanophone youth group of the Society) seemed to give the best framework for this project. Indeed, the KJB has amongst its members many young ladies susceptible to answer the requests of families. This project also fits hand in glove with the active practice of charity – one of the youth group’s goals.

How does the portal work?

The families looking for an au pair fill out a form which indicates precisely their wishes and expectations. After verification, this form will be published online anonymously and on a password protected website. The young ladies looking for a family to help will be permitted to access this domain. When we see serious interest in a particular family, we will give the name and address of the family to the young lady to put her in contact with that family.
The questions on the form help us to better understand the needs and expectations of each person involved to avoid negative experiences as much as possible.

What guarantees are provided?

On the families’ side, after having verified the requests and acquired the certainty that a minimum of Catholic life is guaranteed (especially a Catholic atmosphere and Sunday Mass at an SSPX Mass centre) we give our approval. On the young ladies’ side, access to the password-protected domain will be given only to Traditional Catholic young ladies. After that, we consider our work complete. The acceptance or refusal of an au pair or of a family hosting an au pair is the sole responsibility of the families and of the young ladies involved. We are not accountable for the choice of those who use our portal, even in the case of a bad experience, although everything is being done to avoid such a scenario.

What are our motives?

We consider this portal as a means of mutual support for the Society’s spiritual family. We are happy to be able to contribute to this excellent cause.

Request form for families

Click here for the link to the application form.

Request form for au pair young ladies

To protect the private information of families, the requests are visible only to registered visitors. Young ladies looking for an au pair position should complete this request form to open an account.

After receiving the access data to the protected domain, you can log on to the left of the page. As long as you are logged in, another link to all registered families will be active in the au-pair menu.


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